sometime in september I think

i'm really bad with remembering your birthday too.

the day we met was a sunday, i know that much. yoga day.

you were with your room mate, whom i so happened to work with.

how did i become so fortunate to have taken such a title? 2-3 years?

it felt like a lifetime and a blur. hopping cities, countries, made me miss you.

that daily dose of miranda, biggie.

smoothies and curries and mini pizzas made on pita bread and sometimes slightly over baked kale chips but were delicious anyway. 

tambourine jams, songs on guitar. your swan dives were amazing. your pride sign. your gwen stefani barbie doll.

you inspire travel and new perspective. you consider all views, then resolve with kindness.

an old boss told me, 'people often mistake kindness for weakness.'

not you, brave baptist. fearless. always experiencing life. 

your trips around the world and across this continent. 

i'm prayin' there's room to two step at the theater next february.

happy belated birthday, city sparrow. 08.05.